Forschungs-Mittwoch #124

Responsible and Ethical Design – issues of race and racism in design

How can we identify racialized designs? How can we critically assess anti-racist design approaches? Based on her experience as a designer, researcher, educator and facilitator, Lisa Elzey Mercer talks about questions of responsibility and ethics in design. Lisa Elzey Mercer (she/her/hers) is a designer, educator, and researcher. Her interests are in developing and executing design interventions that fuel and sustain responsible design for social impact. Together with Terresa Moses she developed Racism Untaught: a framework focused on cultivating learning environments to further explore issues of race and racism. The frameworks and tools she developed are intended to create a space for conversation and knowledge exchange where participants can collaborate in creating new ideas and solutions. This type of methodology is evident in her current projects focused on the topics of human trafficking, incarceration, race, and racism.

Guest: Lisa Elzey Mercer

Moderation: Arne Scheuermann

Hosts: Institute of Design Research + Master Design

A valid covid certificate is required for physical participation in the event.

HKB Auditorium

Fellerstrasse 11
3027 Bern